This page lists frequently asked questions that are commonly queried by users to this site.

When you are working with your computer, smartphone, or applications like Google Docs, there are a handful of different settings or formatting options that a lot of people will use.

Some of these options are obvious and available in the toolbar above the document, while others are a little more difficult to find.

Our guide below works through some of the more commonly visited pages or frequently asked questions on this site and provides answers to frequently asked questions about Google Docs and other applications or devices.

Question 1 – How do I download as a PDF from Google Docs?

Answer 1 – Go to File > Download > PDF. Read more here.

Question 2 – How do I force Google Docs to a New page?

Answer 2 – Go to Insert, choose Break, then Page Break. Read more about how to add a new page on Google Docs.

Question 3 – How do I switch to landscape in Google Docs?

Answer 3 – Go to File > Page Setup then click the Landscape option.