How to Change Default Search Engine on iPhone 13

Changing the default search engine on iPhone 13 is a breeze. Dive into ‘Settings’, find ‘Safari’, select ‘Search Engine’, choose from the list, and finalize your choice. Happy browsing! The Search Conundrum: Why Does This Even Matter? Alright, picture this: You’re lounging on your couch and a debate sparks about the fastest animal on land. …

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The Simple Guide to Bookmarking on iPhone 14

Bookmarking on the iPhone 14 is a breeze. It’s like marking your favorite pages with digital sticky notes. By tapping the share icon in Safari and selecting ‘Add Bookmark’, you can save, organize, and quickly access your favorite websites anytime. Ever found a cool website while browsing on your iPhone 14 and thought, “I’ll come …

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What is True Tone on iPhone 14?

True Tone on the iPhone 14 is a technology that adjusts the screen’s white balance based on ambient light, providing a consistent and comfortable viewing experience. It offers benefits like reduced eye strain and consistent visuals but might not be ideal for professionals who need color accuracy. True Tone technology might sound like something from …

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How to Change Your Bluetooth Name on an iPhone 14

Changing the Bluetooth name on your iPhone is easy. Dive into “Settings,” tap on your “:General,” select “About,” go to “Name”, edit your name, and you’re set. Turn your Bluetooth off and on again to see the new name in action. Ever wanted your iPhone’s Bluetooth name to stand out in a crowd of ‘iPhone’s? …

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How to Adjust Flashlight Brightness on iPhone 14

how to change flashlight brightness on iphone 14

Adjusting the flashlight brightness on the iPhone 14 is easy. Wake your iPhone, swipe to access the Control Center, press and hold the flashlight icon, and slide to set your desired brightness level. Our article continues below with more information about changing the iPhone flashlight brightness, including pros and cons of making this adjustment, as …

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How to Turn Off the Read Receipts on Your iPhone 14

how to turn off the read receipts on your iPhone 14

On your iPhone 14, you can stop read receipts by heading to Settings > Messages and unchecking the Send Read Receipts option. Our explanation continues below with more information on how to turn off iPhone read receipts, as well as screenshots of these methods. You can also read this guide about how to turn off …

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How to Delete iPhone 13 Apps

how to delete iPhone 13 apps

Are you tired of having too many apps on your iPhone 13? Do you want to free up some space and organize your device? Deleting apps on iPhone 13 is a quick and easy process that anyone can do. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to delete apps on your iPhone …

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How to Turn On Auto Brightness on an iPhone 13

how to turn on auto brightness on an iPhone 13

You can manually adjust the brightness of your iPhone 13’s screen by opening the Control Center and dragging the brightness slider up or down. But this can be tedious, especially if you are constantly changing lighting environments. Fortunately, there is an option that can handle this for you. Our tutorial below will show you how …

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How to Change Your Game Center Name on iPhone 13

how to change your Game Center name on iPhone 13

The nickname that you pick for different online services is the way that people in those services see you. Sometimes you may not care about it, especially if it’s not information that is constantly visible. But you might be wondering how to change your Game Center name on iPhone 13 if you had previously picked …

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How to Do Caps Lock on iPhone 13

how to enable caps lock on iPhone 13

Have you tried typing in all capital letters on your iPhone but found the process of tapping the Shift key after each letter to be annoying? That can make it difficult to express your point in all caps, so you might be wondering if there’s a similar option to the Caps Lock feature on your …

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